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"I see the value for people with day jobs who are newer investors like me"

Personally waited for years before I got the dashboard. Finished SEED and started SPROUTS and was still trying to do my own thing which was to trade stocks with my own ideas. That desire to have control really kept me out of profit thru 2023.
The dashboard and for me the premium videos especially have changed that for me in 2024, made me profitable and much more confident. I have a beautiful plan to use the dashboard effectively articulated with great skill by the amazing @Ajesh that I plan to use moving forward with many of my family members joining the trading world.
My plan for this year and next year is to only take mango trades. Till I become expert in recognizing what they look like and feel like to hold.
More and more I see the value for people with day jobs who are newer investors like me to treat this as a skill and get the education and use the tools and support. And to be thankful we have such a great source where we can all be a part of sharing growth.


"it's more than a tool, it's a game changer!"

I have to share my love for the Mango Dashboard—it's been my trading sidekick for over three years!

I avoided altcoins like the plague, overwhelmed by the thought of sifting through thousands. But now? A few clicks on the Dashboard and I'm analyzing trends, reversal signals, and volatility with the best TA systems out there, like momentum divergence and Ichimoku, all on the coins that truly matter.

A personal win for me was when the Dashboard led me to a hidden gem that skyrocketed shortly after. It wasn't just about the profit; it was the realization that I was no longer on the sidelines when it came to Alts. A single tool, took me from an overwhelmed trader to an empowered one!

So, if you're on the fence about getting the Mango Dashboard, take it from me—it's more than a tool, it's a game changer!


"The Dashboard is my go-to to look for new opportunities!"

I've had the dashboard since the beginning of 2022 and I’m integrating it into my trading system. The dashboard is on my trade planning checklist and is my go-to to look for opportunities before I even analyze the charts! The tutorials provided by Shawn and Krisha and the way that they have consistently incorporated the dashboard into their trading system increased my confidence in the use of the dashboard.  
I’ve always been told to zoom out. Somehow I get the best high-level perspective from the Mangoview.  Throw in the automatic generation of support and resistance levels and it’s golden in finding key levels for entries, exits, and targets. It has really helped me keep the higher timeframes in mind.
The dashboard’s UI is intuitive and frankly in keeping with the Mango motto of keeping it simple. The dashboard provides the ability to customize and filter your search amongst well over 300 pairs based on the timeframe, market, trend, volume, and Ichimoku with the click of some buttons.  I commend the Mango development team on continually striving to provide more.  Most recently with the addition of the volatility filter.  I tend to look at volatility in relation to key support and resistance levels (e.g. from the  SR levels from the Mangoview) and I believe this keeps you on the right side of the trade.   The team is extremely responsive to questions and feedback!  
The newest addition to the Mango suite is the Mango Trading Journal. Now in its infancy, I cannot wait to see where the developers take it. I was already grateful for the MRM worksheet, but now incorporating that into a workflow to make journaling easier and more productive (whether from your computer, tablet, or mobile), it’s Lean meets trade management! 

A huge thank you to the Mango team!  Honestly when I made the decision to become a seedling (it was my 2021 Christmas gift!!) I never expected to be part of such a continuously growing community!  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


"I check every morning when looking for trade opportunities"

It was a very handy tool when I first subscribed over a year ago but since then, thanks to the Mango devs, it's been undergoing a "Kaizen" process of continual improvement and feature enhancements. There seems to be something new added each month if not more often.

There are a good number of features available in the free version but the premium version is well worth the money. I just looked and was astonished to see that the price plans haven't increased at all so it represents even better value for money now.

So what can you do with the Mango Dashboard?

One of the key features is it helps you find actionable trade / profit opportunities in an instant so you save a huge amount of time and effort.

*It does this by analysing over 300 coins and showing you which have recently changed trend on various timeframes from long to short or neutral/consolidation (or vice versa). It can't be overstated how useful the automation of this process is and how much time it saves. It would take literally all day to do this manually on the charts for 300+ coins, if not longer. Also it eliminates human error and so helps prevent missed opportunities.

*The dashboard also gives an indication of how strong the trend is by way of indicating if the coin has a bullish or bearish ichimoku setup accompanying the trend.

*It shows the volatility so you know if a big move has likely already happened or might be about to happen.

*You can sort coins by volatility, volume, when the trend changed, and more.

*I should caveat that once the Dashboard has helped you find a trade opportunity, you still need to look at the chart to make sure you want to take a trade on it, and to identify your entry and exit points. You wouldn't want to just ape in long if price is up against resistance, nor jump blindly in short if price currently happens to be above support.
But this leads me to the other big feature of the Mango dashboard which is the MangoView.

MangoView provides charting facilities for some of the major coins. Sure most of us have Trading View as well, but MangoView has some very useful features out of the box such as automatically drawing in higher timeframe support and resistance lines which helps you avoid the above issues of longing resistance or shorting support.

The Dashboard also has a new mobile version with a super slick interface. Overall I find it indispensible and it's the first thing I check every morning when looking for trade opportunities. Highly recommended.


"The dashboard has been amazing!"

It has so many cool features that not only help you in finding the next opportunities, but also to help minimise your losses. Below I have highlighted the ways I use the dashboard in my trading strategy.
1) The dashboard is where I always start to find opportunity
2) The Mangoview for automatic support/resistance lines
3) Volatility feature to know whether the move is starting/ending
4) Ichimoku feature – love this as I use the ichimoku as one of my major indicators
The list is endless. Massive shout out to the mango team! The dashboard is amazing and is always getting update with new features. Thank you guys for all you do for us!